I was raised to be a lover of contemporary American art, studio crafts and folk art.  Having grown up in Atlanta, GA, in the 80s and 90s, I have a particular affinity for 20th century southern self-taught artists such as Thornton Dial, Howard Finster, Nellie Mae Rowe and Minnie Evans.  I started and ran the gallery Chivaree Southern Art & Design in Cashiers, NC, from May 2012 to February 2015, after which I served as Exhibitions Curator at the Bascom Center for the Visual Arts in Highlands, NC, through the summer of 2015.  I have relocated back to New York but maintain this blog as a source of information for the public on the artists I represented at the gallery, as well as other artists whose work I admire.

Pictured in the site banner: a detail from “Josephine,” 2014, engraved painting by Aaron Hequembourg; and “Texas,” 2010 photograph (limited-edition archival digital print) by Elizabeth Bick.

-Margaret Browne, New York, NY, 2016


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