J.B. Murray

YES J. B. Murray. Definition of visionary.


America has lost its greatest artist. Mr. Dial lived a long life and had an enormously productive career. His influence extends strongly into contemporary American art, with many young, formally trained artists drawing inspiration from him.

A group of closely connected improvisational artists including Dial, Ronald Lockett, the Gee’s Bend quilters, Lonnie Holley and others have made Alabama’s most important contribution ever to American– make that human– culture.

Self-taught artist Thornton Dial has died | Atlanta Life and Culture Blog

J. J. Cromer

  The Way We Play Hide-and-Seek

(10 in. x 8 in. | mixed media on paper | 2015)

Aarne Anton/ American Primitive Gallery will be selling JJ’s work at Outsider Art Fair, Jan 21-24 in NYC.

In the words of the artist:

“1. You hide me.

“2. You forget where you’ve hidden me.

“3. I stay hidden until I hear you getting angry.

“4. I reveal myself, saying: “Hello, here I am.”

“5. You get even angrier and hide me again.

“6. You forget where you’ve hidden me.

“Over and over.

“I’m playing because I like you. I’m getting lots of drawings done here in the bushes. And I brought lunch.

“I’m not sure why you want to play. Do you sing? You have a lovely voice, even angry. I bet you’re a great singer.

“We can play a different game if you want. Or just talk.

“(Hint: you hide me in the same spot every time.)”

-JJC, 11/2015