A teeny tiny handwoven Appalachian landscape.  I love these little miniatures!  I will be selling them at my gallery.

Here is one of Tommye’s larger looms with a work in progress:


It’s a “stream of consciousness” piece.  The first row of squares was done entirely without a pattern or cartoon.  The second row was done based on a loose drawing that Tommye rotated as she went along.  “I started doing this after I had an impalement on my hand and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to weave again” using her usual techniques.  Wait, an impalement?  Like she impaled her hand?  Yes.  On what?  The 1″ wide metal bar on the side of this loom:


Yes, THAT metal bar went completely through her hand.  The loom fell apart, collapsed, and the bar went through her hand and pinned her to the floor.  Panicked phone calls to husband and 911 followed.  Luckily, the hand healed and there was no damage to nerves or major tendons.  Jeez!  Now she is thinking of using the rows of squares she has completed as a border, and weaving a landscape from this cartoon.  The piece will be made entirely of scraps, as the first two rows have been.  The basket of scraps is pictured here with the proposed cartoon.


I love Tommye’s drawings/cartoons almost as much as her weavings, and I might be offering those for sale, too.  Her pastels remind me of Bonnard, the way she uses crazy, unexpected colors, but in a naturalistic way.


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